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A Tribute to Brinkley
May 26, 2002 - March 8, 2006
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Anticipated Arrival: Corey, Jake and Porter in Phoenix,
Arizonia, wait for their Fi-Dough treats to arrive.

This is Fido. He's a good old dog with 2 furry ears, 1 tail, and a very hungry stomach. He just discovered Fi-Dough treats and he gobbles them up like the puppy he thinks he is. He loves the name of your company, of course! Isn't he cute?
Hello Joanne,
I just wanted to let you know again that I have a 6 lb. chihuahua who is extremely picky when it comes to treats, etc. I have gone through so many items to see if he'd like them and ended up giving them away. When I got home that night and gave him a little piece to try he absolutely went crazy! He tried to tear open the bag to eat the whole cookie! Thank you for making something that he loves! Hope to hear from you soon as I will be ordering in the next 2 weeks. Thanks! Teresa

I have three dogs - Remy, (age 6) a black lab/border collie, Oliver Louis (age 3), a cattle dog/hound, and the "baby", Dudley (a year and a half) a golden. Remy and Dudley will try almost anything - Remy happens to be a big salad and cherry tomato lover. And don't get me started on how much he loves coffee. Dudley, while not the lover of greens that Remy is, well, he's a golden - so he'll put anything in his mouth! But Oliver Louis has a bit more of a discerning palate, so to speak. Even with "treats" he will sometimes turn up his nose while the other two gobble away! But today I went the the Stormville Flea Market and discovered your treats. So I brought home Dixie's Bacon & Cheddar drops for them to try. Remy and Dudley thought they were great - but the real test, the tough customer is OL. And so he sniffed, he grabbed, and off he went to lay down and enjoy! After he finished he came back to me and looked at me like "any more, Mom?" So you have three new customers! Oliver Louis has already written about these scrumptous treats in his Dogster diary this evening! Here's the link! We will definitely be placing an order in the near future! I've attached a few photos of my boys! Thanks!  Marlene

"Zatoichi loves Itty Bittys. He's a bit of a purest and has an appetite for only the best.
He was down to his last itty bitty and carried it around the house for an entire day, putting it down and picking it up as he moved from room to room, keeping a watchful eye on it. He finally ate it during TV time late in the evening while Daddy Torin had his late night snack. Here's a photo of the many faces of "Ichi". He would be thrilled to be added to your Customers page. --Janet (Ichi's friend)"

 India and Seneca are sisters. Two more happy customers…

 Brinkley checking out his new treats and toys.

"Benny’s first birthday was celebrated with a blueberry cream cheese birthday cake.
Chow Down!"

"Meisha loves her Bacon and Cheddar!"

This is Ollie's favorite seat where she likes to enjoy treats.

Porter has a new home with new treats after being abandoned in a rain storm.

Belle & Ariel"Belle and Ariel were best friends. Ariel passed away leaving Belle very sad. Regina, Belle's mom was trying to find something that Belle would eat and make her happy. For weeks Belle was sad. Regina says that our Bacon and Cheddar treats helped Belle get over the loss of her friend. She started to turn around shortly after having these yummy treats."

Corey & Jake"My sister says that she did a taste test with Fi-Dough treats vs. the local dog bakery treats. She said her dogs were tearing into the bag to get Fi-Dough treats. I guess we know, paws down, who the winner was."

"Sammy, our dog lived her last good years on Fi-Dough treats. Sammie, at 17 1/2 years, recently passed but she loved her Granola. When nothing else was appetizing to her she ate the granola sprinkled on top of her food. When she could barely chew anymore we switched her to the bacon and cheddar drops. That was all she ate for the last few weeks of her time with us."

Cheyenne & Mr. Bojangles"Cheyenne and Mr. Bojangles are two great Fi-Dough customers. Their mom says that they love the BBQ Fi-Dough To Go. They sniff them out every time mom comes home."


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